Heel Pressure Relief Boot

Heel Pressure Relief Boot

Heel pressure ulcers can be painful and increase the risk of infection. Heel Protector I can help prevent heel ulcers by cradling the foot and lifting the heel off the mattress, eliminating pressure.



A new positioning device for the lower extremity that promotes proper alignment of the ankle, knee and hip, to prevent and treat foot drop, ankle contractures, and heel ulcers. The patented Hydro-Cushion floats and lifts the calf while unloading the heel when recumbent.The attached Anti-Rotation Bar (see larger image) locks into place, to allow for proper alignment of the lower extremity and to counter rotational forces at the hip. The removable Secure Stick Sole is ideal for ambulation. Use in hospital, long term care and home care for the ambulatory and recumbent patient.

Excellent device used for patients with neuropathy or drop foot.



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