Dynamic Knee Brace

Dynamic Knee Brace

The VertaLoc® Dynamic Knee Brace is designed to stabilize and control mild to moderate levels of medial lateral movement.

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The Dynamic Knee Brace was designed to provide both support and stabilization following ligament injuries and instabilities. The Dynamic Knee Brace can also be worn as a post-op treatment or to treat mild OA (Osteoarthritis).

The Dynamic Knee Brace comes with removable polycentric hinges that can be adjusted to provide both extension and flexion control. The short 12″ allows the brace to feature 2 straps which provide unmatched stability and support.  The brace is available in a neoprene or an Airmesh alternative which is designed to keep your knee cool and dry in hotter climates.

Product Features:

  • Polycentric hinged knee brace design with full flexion 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° and extension 10°, 20°, 30° and 40° (10° installed) control for controlling range of motion.
  • Removable hinge bars for proper care and maintenance.
  • Full circumferential straps provide enhanced ligament support and protection..
  • 12″ length brace.
  • Can be worn on both the left or right knee.


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