Features & Options

• Ankle axis hinge
• EVA top cover
• Removable upright pads
• Heel cup – 35mm
• Top cover extended to mets
• Heel stabilizer
• Upright aligned perpendicular to the footplate
• Hinge Options: free motion or restricted


Clinical Indications

• Mild to moderate Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)
• Chronic ankle instability


You can pay $100 more for an inferior, less custom brace, but for optimal
patient outcomes, choose the Arizona Optima Brace. This thermoplastic,
custom-articulated AFO is expertly crafted in-house with anatomic ankle
axis hinge placements that enable unrestricted sagittal ankle motion.
The Arizona Optima Brace features a fully-adjustable closure system
while its low-profile design enables easy shoe fitting.

Stop paying more for less!


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