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Suffering from an ankle injury, pain, or instability? Whether you are looking for an ankle brace, support,  or ankle wrap to help relieve ankle sprains, tendinitis, chronic pain, stiffness, or post surgical recovery Caremore Medical Supply has you covered. Below you will find the most common ankle braces and supports that we offer so that you can choose the best ankle brace for you or your love one’s needs.


Stirrup ankle braces are typically worn right after an ankle sprain, or acute ankle injury, allowing your ankle to heal in order to prevent further damage. They are also used to support an ankle that’s severely unstable. Stirrup ankle braces help facilitate rehabilitation and is not designed to be used for support during activity. A stirrup ankle brace is typically designed with two pre-inflated air pouches under each of the rigid capsules that encompass either side of the ankle, for maximum comfort and support while walking.


Lace-up ankle braces are typically made of soft, yet sturdy canvas. They are comfortable to wear and give you the support you need, whether you suffer from an acute ligament sprain or have chronic ankle instability. Lace-up braces can easily be worn with multiple types of shoes so that you can wear them anywhere in order to  keep your ankle sturdy and stable. Lace-up braces offer extra support by adding removable plastic, medial/lateral stays, which can be removed when only minimal support is needed.


The hinged ankle brace is designed with hinges to lock the brace on for ultimate support. There are many different styles of hinged braces and offer the most support as opposed to other ankle braces, especially for acute injuries that require restriction to inversion and eversion movements as well as ankle rotation. Hinged ankle braces can adjust to your needs and will adjust to different levels of inflammation, as needed. Some models of hinged braces easily transition from a walking boot to a low-profile ankle support that allows you to continue supporting the ankle with less rigidity.


Ankle wraps are the most unrestrictive type of ankle brace and come in a variety of styles and materials. They may seem similar to ankle sleeves but differ in that you can adjust them to your personal comfort by tightening or loosening the wrap. Ankle wraps are also used for less acute ankle conditions, such as light to moderate sprains, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis pain or mild ankle instability. Depending on the material of your ankle wrap, the wrap can create a heating effect which can be therapeutic. If you prefer it not to get warm, choosing a wrap made of Elastic will breathe better and create less heat.


Yes, ankle braces are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and Private insurances under durable medical equipment (DME). In order to get your ankle brace covered  by your insurance you will first have to get a prescription from your physician.