Specialty Orthotics

Specialty Orthotics2018-07-14T13:01:43-04:00

Grossman Everyday

The Grossman Everyday Orthotic is a new evidence-based orthotic technology that can be used for most foot issues including: heel pain, bunions, hammer toes, and neuromas. Not suited for a fixed flat foot.

Grind Width: Regular
Length: Full
Top Cover: Marine Grade Vinyl
Bottom Cover: Ultra Suede
Padding: 1/16 Forefoot
FF Post: Extrinsic Valgus
RF Post: Extrinsic
Accoms: Medial Flange, Arch Pad


PT Controler

The PT Controller Orthotic is for excessive pronation, flexible flat feet, and posterior tibialis dysfunction.

Shell: Semi-Rigid
Grind Width: Regular
Heel Cup Depth: 12 mm
Length: Meta
Top Cover: Marine Grade Vinyl
Padding: None
Bottom Cover: None
Forefoot Post: Intrinsic
Rearfoot Post: Extrinsic Crepe w/ Heel Protector
Accommodations: Lateral Wedge