Thermo-Plastic AFO

Thermo-Plastic AFO

Solid Ankle AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) Brace is made of durable polypropylene plastic.



This AFO supports, assists and controls the joints in the foot and ankle. This device provides optimal support utilizing thinner plastic and reduces distal length of the footplate. Thermoplastic AFOs feature a custom-made design including the Posterior Leaf Spring (PLS), Semi-Solid or Solid Ankle.

Indications for Adults: Foot drop, Weak or absent plantar flexors and/or dorsiflexors, Severe degenerative arthritis, Lateral and medial instability of subtalar joint, Trauma

Indications for Children: Sink into excessive dorsiflexion through weakness, Lack plantarflexion strength, Can extend at the knee and hip when manually repositioned during weight bearing, Are not crouching due to tight hip flexors, hamstrings.


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