Richie Brace

Richie Brace

Thermoplastic custom articulated ankle foot orthosis with anatomic ankle axis hinge placement providing unrestricted sagittal ankle motion. The leg uprights are aligned perpendicular to the foot plate and feature a fully adjustable closure system. The custom low profile design allows for easy shoe fit.



The Functional AFO provides the benefits of two treatment modalities in one device. The custom-balanced foot orthosis combined with semirigid uprights is the only modality that simultaneously controls the ankle joint, subtalar joint, and midtarsal joint. The three hinge options provide the following ankle motion control:

  • Flexible hinge (full sagittal plane motion)
  • Fixed hinge (no sagittal plane motion)
  • Dorsiflexion Assist (for drop foot)

Clinical Indications: Ankle Instability, Drop Foot, DJD of ankle or rearfoot, Charcot Foot, Mild to Moderate PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)


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