Fall Prevention Brace

Fall Prevention Brace

The Balance Brace is a custom made, lightweight ankle foot orthosis. It features an open dorsum, with the plastic and padding cut around both the medial and lateral malleolus. This allows for more comfort while ambulating and an easier fit in shoes. The polypropylene shell is covered with padding and Dri-Lex material, which aids in wicking moisture away from the feet.



Balance Brace™ (MBB) is the original balance brace and the only one clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability*. The MBB is a custom-made AFO designed to reduce the risk and incidence of falls in the elderly and high risk populations.

Clinical Indications: PTTD, Talocalcaneal Varus or Valgus, Tibialis Tendonitis (posterior or anterior), Severe pronation or pes planus valgus, ankle arthritis or degenerative joint disease, Charcot foot, Ankle instability, subtalar or midtarsal trauma, Achilles tendonitis, Equinus or Drop Foot, trauma.


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