Custom Pediatric SMO

Custom Pediatric SMO

Supra-Malleolar Orthosis (SMO)

SMO Brace Instructions

  • Designed for the pediatric foot.
  • Controls internal rotary deformity, pronation and/or flat foot in children with low tone.
  • Improves balance and coordination while allowing for range of motion in the sagittal plane.
  • Not recommended for those over 90 lbs.


The Surestep SMO has revolutionized orthotic management for children with hypotonia. Through the use of extremely thin, flexible thermoplastic, the Surestep SMO compresses the soft tissues of the foot with its patented design; stabilizing children while still allowing for natural development..

Indications that this product will help your child Pronation, Hypotonia, Triplanar instability in weight bearing, Inability to stand independently, Mild toe-walking, Developmental delay, Delay in acquiring gross motor skills, Poor coordination or balance.


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