Custom Gauntlet Afo

Custom Gauntlet Afo

Leather Gauntlet Brace is a custom molded, high quality leather AFO offering three levels of frame support, four color options and a choice of various closure methods at any height.



The Arizona Brace® is prescribed to stabilize the ankle, talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints. Often copied but never equaled, the Arizona Brace® is the only custom AFO proven in clinical trials to effectively treat Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) as an alternative to surgery.

Clinical Indications: PTTD, Talocalcaneal Varus or Valgus, Tibialis Tendonitis (posterior or anterior), Severe pronation or pes planus valgus, ankle arthritis or degenerative joint disease, Charcot foot, Ankle instability, subtalar or midtarsal trauma, Achilles tendonitis, Equinus or Drop Foot, trauma.


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