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What to Expect With Your Patient Care Process

Stage One – Documentation

When our office receives a referral for a patient from physician’s office, Caremore contacts patient’s insurance to obtain benefit/eligibility information as well as process any prior authorization required for the product(s). Sometimes insurances require doctor’s office visit notes or letters of medical necessity, our customer service representatives will collect these documents on your behalf. Once we have confirmed your coverage we will contact our patient to discuss their physician’s order, insurance coverage, estimated bill, & any out-of-pocket costs that might apply.

Stage Two – Evaluation

The initial consultation is where we’ll learn more about your specific situation. It helps us get a better understanding of how we’ll approach your individual challenge, and it gives you the opportunity to ask questions. Before fabricating your device, we’ll take measurements to ensure your device fits as close to perfect as possible. We use the latest technology to develop scans and other relevant measurements. This helps us develop devices that fit our patients with almost laser-sharp accuracy. We make House Calls!

Stage Three – Casting

To create your custom brace, we will need a mold of the affected body part. This can be as easy as getting a set of measurements or as complicated as needing a “cast”. If we need a cast, we will capture your individual shape by either using plaster to “cast” the shape of your limb or we will use our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to digitally capture your shape details.

Stage Four – Fitting and Delivery

During this appointment, you will be fit with your new, final orthosis that you will be taking home to use every day. As a part of this process, your fitter will spend time with you to be sure that you are educated on the proper donning of your orthosis, know how to use the features of your new device, and how to determine if your orthosis is no longer fitting well.