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Caremore On-Site Services

Improve Patient Convenience & Increase Revenue And Profits For Your Practice


DME Solutions —Fitters, Billing, & Compliance

Caremore wants to be sure that you have the tools and the products you need to give your patients exceptional care, and we want to put those tools in your hands. After all, it is your practice, and your patients come to you – let’s offer them the best products for the best outcomes!

Make money for your clinic selling DME – not for your DME vendor


Save your patients a trip! Why send them across town (or even across the hall) when they can get everything they need right in your practice? With the current situation in healthcare and self referral laws, maintaining an orthopedic bracing closet is often a drain on resources and profit. Our on-site services allows your staff more time to concentrate on patient care and less on inventory management and billing.

Our services are not just for orthopedic clinics, we work with physicians like podiatrist, gynecologist, anesthesiologist, pediatricians, oncologist, surgeons, neurologist, rheumatologist and primary care physicians. 

Patient’s Choice to Join Caremore

Begin to offer your patients DME straight from your practice, improving convenience and compliance while generating extra monthly revenue!

How Consignment Arrangements Work

An example of how a  consignment closet arrangement between a DME supplier and a hospital will work is the following: (1) DME Supplier Inc. keeps inventory in a “closet” at a hospital; (2) a physician orders a product at discharge for a patient to utilize in the home; (3) the patient is given a choice of DME suppliers; (4) if the patient chooses DME Supplier Inc., a hospital employee pulls the product out of the “closet” and gives it to the patient, (5) the hospital employee collects the necessary paperwork from the patient; (6) the patient is discharged from the hospital and takes the product home for use; and (7) DME Supplier Inc. collects the paperwork from the hospital and takes over responsibility for the patient from that point on regarding the product (e.g., bills Medicare for the product, services the product, etc.).

The Bottom Line

Your practice controls the amount of inventory you choose to carry, and we can make a truly accurate estimate with a completed utilization survey. From experience, we can reliably quote an increase in monthly revenue of $5,000-$15,000 per provider in a practice.

The only question left is:

How many new patients do you have that can benefit from a DME program in your clinic?