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We Are Dedicated To Our Patients & Physicians.

Today’s healthcare is a complex system of billing, coding and compliance that requires specialized resources. Our attorneys and Dme services enable you to partner with Caremore to harness the power of our unparalleled experience and expertise. Durable medical equipment consist of products such as crutches, walkers, boots, and braces that help aid in an effective and timely recovery, as well as to help protect patients from further injury.

Caremore On-Site was created with not only the patient, but with healthcare practitioners, in mind. With On-Site inventory and a Caremore professional, you stay informed of your patient’s care without the hassle of follow-up emails and phone calls- all will be conducted within your own walls. Our Dme program costs you nothing and takes up very little of your time.

Partnership Options

On Site Solution

  • We provide top-quality experts to educate and fit patients with the very best products while managing your entire program.
  • We communicate efficiently to take the worry out of DME.
  • Prior to surgery, our staff will pre-fit your patient based on your protocols and prescription.
  • We educate your patient on the proper use of the equipment and answer all questions concerning the fit and function of the device throughout their entire period of care.
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Stock and Bill

  • We own the inventory, handle the billing and collections.
  • You get complete, onsite access to virtually every type of product on the market, plus our unparalleled expertise in durable medical equipment–all at no cost to your practice.
  • We stock top quality products from more than a hundred manufacturers and we customize each practice’s DME inventory according to the preference of the clinical staff.
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Ready to order/prescribe product?

Contact our Patient Care Coordinators at 917-809-9090 (M-F 9am-5pm) for a Prescription of Medical Necessity or to discuss your coverage options.
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