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To better serve our referral sources and patients, Caremore Medical has specialized intake areas, each staffed with individuals knowledgeable about the specific products and/or therapies and the medical information required to process the order. They will ask the necessary questions to process the order, schedule the delivery and initiate the process for verifying coverage of the order.


We immediately begin the process of verifying benefits & informing patients of their plan benefits so that patients are well informed prior to delivery. Our certified Representatives deliver, educate, and fit all products precisely to physician orders and are available 24/7/365 to support and follow up with patients to ensure treatment goals are achieved.

By Fax: 917-809-7079

For prompt processing, please include:

(1) Progress Notes (2) Copy of insurance card (3) Prescription with:

• Patient name • Length of need (rentals) • ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

• Item prescribed • Range of Motion • Start of therapy date • Physician Signature

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